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Mobile substation portable substation

Mobile design
Operation in safety
Easy and quick transport and installment
Special design solutions for different applications
Different applications on trailer, platform, wagon, vessel
Quick solution for Emergency Power or Additional Power Requests

Product Introduction

Mobile substations are mainly suitable for replacing conventional substations in emergency situations, alleviating the lack of power supply capacity in high-load seasons, and putting them into operation as temporary substations. It can quickly replace the conventional substation and restore the power supply. After the substation reaches the site, only the input and output side cables need to be connected to be put into operation.

The mobile substation has such outstanding advantages as simple and compact structure, convenient movement, reliable function, simple and quick operation, simple maintenance, and high degree of intelligence. The pre-installed semi-trailer mobile substation can be designed according to the requirements of users, and can be configured as a single car or double cars or multiple cars according to the user's use conditions.


Vehicle-mounted mobile substation is a product and system in which the entire substation or switch room is integrated on the semi-trailer and can meet outdoor use conditions. Because it is tailor-made, the content of vehicle mobile changes will change according to the specific needs of customers. For example, a vehicle-mounted mobile substation may contain some or all of the following equipment: transformers, switchgear, generator sets, outdoor load circuit breakers or disconnectors, batteries and AC/DC screens, auxiliary transformers, fire detection systems, air conditioning systems, and many other equipment

Rated technical parameters of semi-trailer vehicle-mounted mobile substation system

Mobile substation

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