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Container Substation

20 or 40 footer container substation design
Easy to transport using a standard container truck or a towing trailer
Large cost saving since construction of substation is not required
Customized LV and MV Switchgear layout for each type of application

Product Introduction

Container substation is also called outdoor complete substation, combined substation, because it has the advantages of flexible combination, easy transportation, migration, easy installation, short construction period, low operating cost, small footprint, no pollution, maintenance-free, etc. , Container substation has been widely valued. In the construction (renovation) of the rural power grid, it is widely used in the construction and transformation of urban and rural 10 to 110kV small and medium-sized substations (distribution) substations, factories and mines, and mobile operation substations.


•Ready- to-use LV and MV substations
•Walk-in type containers with Knkong compact and proven AIS & GIS
•Easy to transport using a standard container truck or a towing trailer
•Approved for transportation on land and sea
•Minimum levelling is required for the concrete base that supports the total weight
•Large cost saving since construction of substation is not required
•Customized LV and MV Switchgear layout for each type of application
•Fully assembled and tested in Knkong factory
•All control and protection interfacing wiring are done in Knkong


•Battery and charger for DC control of LV and MV Switchgear
•Normal air conditioning
•Wall mounted fire extinguishers are provided as standard
•Lightings and power sockets


•Knkong operates a Quality System in line with ISO9001 and ISO14001
•In addition to in-house routine and QC test.


•Temporary or permanent power supply solutions with minimum space
•Power supply for emergency situations
•Replacing power supply during major maintenance
•Seasonal increase in power demand
•Turn-key supply of standard container substations with minimum lead time 
 Shortening site installation and commissioning time

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