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ZGS Combined Substation

Small size, compact structure, covers an area of an area small, easy installation
Low loss, low noise, low temperature rise, super nameplate capacity load ability
Fully enclosed, full insulation structure, safe and reliable operation
Easy to transform, improve power supply reliability.

Product Introduction

ZGS combined transformer, or American transformer, is developed according to the needs of the development of urban and rural power grid construction. It is the large transformer with switchgear, fuse, tap-changer, low-voltage distribution equipment combination on the corresponding auxiliary equipment, can satisfy all kinds of demands of the user electric energy metering, reactive power compensation. ZGS type combined transformer as ac 50 hz, 6 ~ 10 kv network, the rated capacity of 63 ~ 1600 kva independent sets of variable distribution equipment, can be used in outdoor, also can be used for indoor. Widely used in industrial park, urban residential area, commercial center, high-rise buildings and temporary construction site and other places.

1.Small size, compact structure, covers an area of an area small, easy installation.
2.Low loss, low noise, low temperature rise, super nameplate capacity load ability, strong ability to resist sudden short circuit.
3.Fully enclosed, full insulation structure, safe and reliable operation.
4.Flexible connection mode can be used for terminal system, also can be used in the ring network system, easy to transform, improve power supply reliability.
5.Convenient operation, easy maintenance, short production cycle, low engineering cost.

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