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YB Preinstalled Type Transformer Substation

Damp-proof,anti-corrosion, dust-proof, insect-proof, fireproof, anti-theft, thermal insulation

Product Introduction

The YB preinstalled substation is composed of the high-voltage switchgear, low-voltage distribution panel, distribution transformer and enclosure. The high-voltage switchgear adopts air load switch and the transformer is dry-type or oil immersed type. The substation adopts good ventilation structure with elegant appearance and good heat-insulating performance. The temperature rise of the compartments caused by the outdoor solar radiation can be reduced to within the lowest limits on account of the upper and lower ventilation windows. The forced ventilation device and the temperature auto-controlled device should be installed in the substation. The systems of control, protection, live display and the lighting are equipped in each separate unit.

This substation fulfills the functions such as transformation of energy, distribution, transmission, metering, compensation, system control, protection and communication.

1.The box structure applied with world leading technology and process.
2.Damp-proof,anti-corrosion, dust-proof, insect-proof, fireproof, anti-theft, thermal insulation.
3.Electrical and transformer integration, full-enclosed operation, high safety.
4.Simple installation, Simple maintenance, No need watchman
5.Elegant appearance, easy to Compatible with environment, long service life in outdoor.

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