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XD1 current-limiting reactor

1.Rated current, capacity and surge-limiting times of mated capacitor.
2.Power frequency testing voltage: AC 50Hz, voltage 3Kv, no break-down or flash for 1min.
3.Temperature: Housing<=65K, Coil<=65K.

Product Introduction

XD1 series current-limiting reactor adopts dry type reactor cast by uns-aturated polyesters resin. It is used to control the switch-on surge of low-voltage capacitor and to strength the breaking capability of switch-on switch in the low-voltage electric engineering integrated device.


Working condition
1.Altitude of installing place not higher than 1000m
2.When ambient air temperature is lower than +40℃, the average temperature within 24h should lower than +35℃, the lower limit of ambient air temperature is -5℃。
3.When max temperature is +40℃, the air relative humidity doesn’t exceed 50%, at the lower temperature. The higher relative humidity can be permitted to be higher, but the max relative can not exceed 80%.
4.There is no dangerous medium or explosive or inflammable substance, gas or dust (include conductive dust) that can erode the metal and destroy the insulation exist in the installation place.
5. No drastic vibration is allowed in the installation place, the installation obliquity can’t exceed 5°.
6.Installation place should be far away from direct sunshine, rain or molds.



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