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JYL Transient Wave Fault Indicator

Distribution network fault location system is a simple and practical distribution automation solution. Recorded wave type fault location system consists of master station background, collection unit.
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Product Introduction

Product Standards

Q/GDW 436-2010    Technical Specification for Distribution Line Fault Indicators

DL/T 1157-2012    Technical Conditions for Distribution Line Fault Indicators

DL/T 721-2013    Distribution Automation Remote Terminal

GB/T 17626.2     Electromagnetic compatibility test and measurement techniques Electrostatic discharge immunity test

GB/T 17626.3     Electromagnetic compatibility test and measurement technology Radio frequency electromagnetic field radiation immunity test

GB/T 17626.5     Electromagnetic Compatibility Test and Measurement, Technology Electrical Fast Transient Burst Immunity Test

GB/T 17626.8     Electromagnetic Compatibility Test and Measurement,Technology Power Frequency Magnetic Field Immunity Test

GB/T 17626.9     Electromagnetic compatibility test and measurement technique Pulse magnetic field immunity test

GB/T 17626.10     Electromagnetic compatibility Testing and measurement techniques Damped oscillating magnetic field immunity

Product Description

Distribution network fault location system is a simple and practical distribution automation solution. Recorded wave type fault location
system consists of master station background, collection unit, collection unit, supporting communication terminal, and necessary public communication network. It is suitable for on-line monitoring of 3-35kV overhead lines, and has the ability to collect faults and fault
information to report to the master station. Its functions include simple use, stable operation, convenient maintenance,high reliability, good openness, and high cost performance.

The recording wave type fault location device acquisition unit is equipped with fault recording, zero-sequence current synthesis, and
micro power wireless networking function. The fault information can be uploaded to the remote transmission collection unit through the local wireless network, and then the collection unit reports the fault information to the main controller in real time. Station positioning system. The master station processes and completes the graphical positioning display.


Acquistion unit functions and features

The acquisition unit serves as the front-end data acquisition core device of the fault location system. It relies on high-performance and
low-current self-powered technology, high- precision electronic current transformers and low-power micro-power wireless networking communication technology to complete real-time sampling of line currents and electric fields. And high-speed recording, and through the micro-power wireless technology and data integration unit. Implement data upload, parameter delivery and time synchronization.

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