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DYX-KK type fault indicator

The ring network cabinet online monitoring equipment is mainly suitable for the automation transformation of the traditional ring network cabinet and the switchgear. While realizing two remote (remote signaling, telemetry) functions, detect and locate the position of short circuit and ground fault at the same time, shorten the power outage time and scope. Not only is important for improving the re

Product Introduction

The ring network cabinet online monitoring equipment is mainly suitable for the automation transformation of the traditional ring network cabinet and the switchgear. While realizing two remote (remote signaling, telemetry) functions, detect and locate the position of short circuit and ground fault at the same time, shorten the power outage time and scope. Not only is important for improving the reliability of power supply, but also an indispensable technology for building an intelligent grid.


Sampling the zero-sequence current synthesis algorithm, canceling the traditional zero-sequence transformer design, synthesizing the zero-sequence current by detecting the phase sequence to identify the single-phase ground fault, and effectively solving the situation where it is not convenient to install the zero-sequence transformer;
5A self-powered, the acquisition unit uses high magnetic permeability material CT, combined with low-power system design, to ensure that the primary current 5A achieve battery-free full-function operation, improve reliability;
Instead of using the traditional one-time battery power supply scheme, the three-level power architecture of CT power supply, supercapacitors, and non-rechargeable lithium batteries is adopted to guarantee the reliable operation of the equipment;
Electronic current transformer for current and ground electric field detection, It has great linearity of test data and is not affected by wire diameter, thus guarantee test accuracy;
Collection unit indicates failures locally and centrally, eliminating the need to install display panels in every interval;
The energy opening CT is made of anti-rust and anti-corrosion materials, supplemented by a high-level cutting process to ensure that the outdoor environment provides sufficient power for the equipment;
Both the collection unit and the acquisition unit can be controlled remotely and wirelessly;

Technical Parameter







Neutral grounding method

Various grounding methods are available

Wiring type

Overhead insulation and bare wires 35mm²300mm²


Collection unit power supply

Main power


Backup power

Rechargeable battery: Lithium iron phosphate or lead-acid colloid battery is dependent on necessary.

All hardware design is compatible for them both.


Acquisition unit power supply

Main power

Line self-powered (5A full-function operation)

Backup power

Disposable lithium battery 3.6V, 8.5Ah

Time of  duration of the supercapacitor battery> 12 hours

Static power dissipation

Acquisition unit


Collection unit


Telemetry accuracy


0200Ameasurement accuracy±2A

200A600Ameasurement accuracy±1%

Sampling frequency


Fault detection

Recognizable fault type

Short circuit between phases, various single-phase grounding

Instantaneous faults and permanent faults

Recognition minimum recognition time



Line status indication


Bright LED

Flashing time after an outage


Fault reset method

Timed automatic reset can be set from 1 to 48 hours

Power-on automatic reset and remote manual reset


Local communication

Frequency band


Communication medium

Plastic optical fiber

Communication distance


Mechanical properties



Protection level

Acquisition unit IPX7Collection unit IPX5

Working environment


-40℃70℃ 10%~



Service life


8 years

Failure-free time (average)


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